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The Asus reconditioned monitors are a great product to get as they have to attributes that make the performance so much better than a normal monitor. The attributes that these Asus products are, widescreen and full HD. Having these attributes is great to have on your monitors as they allow you to organise you desktop much easier and get more information on the page at once this then makes your life much easier and it will improve the overall view of your screen, which is vitally important if you're going to be using it all the time!

Full HD monitors are a must have for those who work on computers as you are going to be on it the majority of the day so it is important that you feel comfortable.

These benefits means Asus can go head to head with competition like Dell and HP and perform admirably compared to them. All of our Asus refurbished products come with a warranty so you will be protected from damages or any technical issues that may take place! With our warranty if anything bad was to happen we can offer a full refund, repair the product or replace it for you.

Asus Monitors

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Refurbished Asus Monitors FAQs

Is Asus a good monitor brand?

Asus is a great monitor brand! It is one of the biggest manufacturers of monitors. If you were to buy one brand new you could one of their poorer products for a reasonable price. However, here at RefreshedByUs we can promise you a top quality product for a cheap price.

Is Asus a high-end brand?

Here at RefreshedByUs we would class Asus as a high end brand. The reason for this is because many high end professionals much prefer an ASUS product over other brands on the market.