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Here at Refreshed By Us, we sell a range of refurbished dual screen monitors from highly regarded manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Philips. Purchasing a dual monitor package is a good way to help ensure that you have compatible equipment to meet your requirements and that your dual screen setup will be operational. Dual monitors describe a product that has two monitors used within a single computer setup. One reason, of many, for using this setup is that there is an increased visual workspace and increased productivity. When it comes to selecting which dual screen monitors to buy, we stock a range to suit different budgets and requirements. We stock sizes from 20" to 27" and also stock widescreen monitors such as some of the Dell dual screen monitor packages.

Whichever models you decide you want to buy, it's important that you check the capabilities of the computer with which you'll use them. Whilst we supply the necessary cables for connecting your monitors to your computer, you'll want to make sure that your video card has support for dual screen monitors before you buy, and that the drivers are up-to-date.

Dual Screen Monitors

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Dual Screen Monitors FAQs 

Why are Dual Screen Monitors Popular?

There are many reasons why dual screen monitors have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic & working from home becoming more common people have seen the true value in having a dual screen monitor.

Why Should you Use Dual Screen Monitors?

For many routine tasks, a dual screen monitor will certainly make life easier and more efficient, too. From exploring multiple websites through to complex design work, a dual screen monitor makes it easier to keep everything right in front of you.