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At RBU, we are committed to continuously working to reduce our environmental impact. From start to finish, we make sure we're doing everything we can to create a sustainable process and product.

From the initial stages at Vyta, less than 1% of materials recovered ends up in landfill. The other 99% will be reused in various ways with the majority coming into RefreshedByUs for refurbishment. If we find a system broken beyond repair, this will also get split for parts and used or sold to build another.

To further this effort, we're working on making all our packaging 100% recyclable too and looking at ways to offset transport emissions.

All our internal IT equipment is also refurbished, and all our office waste is recycled.
We're on a mission to create a full lifecycle process where every step in done with the planet in mind. Data shows that 73% of millennials prefer to buy from a sustainable company. We also know businesses across the world are having to look at sustainable ways to work and with nearly 100% of these businesses using a computer in some form, reusing IT equipment is something we should all think about.