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Our refurbished gaming PCs are designed to give you the best chances at performing at your peak whilst playing! They will deliver you with smooth running gameplay that will make playing with or against friends so much better!

We have widescreen gaming monitors that are designed to allow you see more pixels and therefore more of the game to give you a better chance of winning and beating your friends, and who doesn't want to do that?

We also have bundles that you can use for gaming, for example the Desktop PCs with a single monitor or the Desktop PCs with dual monitors are great for when gaming! These are great for when you are gaming as you can have multiple angles of the game open or you can have a map of the world you are playing in open. The opportunities really are endless!

All of our monitors have a warranty meaning you are covered against technical difficulties, not that we expect this to happen but we want to be sure all our customers are covered if the worst does happen!

Gaming Monitors

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