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Our Apple MacBooks are refurbished to make them feel brand new, and they do just that! Perfect for carrying out research, watching movies or doing work this laptop really can do it all. Another great thing about MacBooks is that they are lightweight so if you are travelling from office to office they would definitely suit your needs! These refurbished MacBooks are a must have as they cannot be beaten on performance no matter what the function is, they rival products made by brands like Dell, Lenovo and HP!

A real advantage of Apple products is how you can link multiple Apple devices through the 'cloud' meaning information you have on you MacBook can be made available on your iPad.

Here at Refreshed By Us we can give you top of the range refurbished products that feel brand new for a fraction of the price it's too good not to make the most of! All our Apple products come with a warranty leaving you feeling more relaxed with the product as we can offer a full refund, repair or replacement if you encounter any technical issues.

Refurbished Apple MacBooks

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Refurbished Apple MacBooks FAQs

Are Apple MacBooks worth it?

Apple MacBooks are one of the best laptops on the market for both students and professionals alike. Our refurbished Apple MacBooks perform at the same level that you would expect of a brand new one and will be able to handle your day-to-day tasks with ease. .

Is it worth buying a MacBook second hand?

A refurbished MacBook from RefreshedByUs allows you have the luxury and quality you've come to expect from an Apply product for a fraction of the price. Each Apple product available on our website also comes backed by a 12-month warranty for that added peace of mind.