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Here at RefreshedByUs we always aim to provide our customers with only the best refurbished monitors and electronic goods. Our refurbished monitors are up there with the best on the market for one of the most affordable prices. We have monitors from reputable brands like Dell and HP so you can be sure that you will be getting a product that is more than capable of helping you deliver the very best results for whatever it is you are needing it for.

Certified Refurbished Monitors

As part of our range of refurbished monitors we have ones that are great for working from home or for gaming with your friends, we really do have products that do it all. As well as this we have Dual Screen monitors available meaning planning work has never been easier. Our monitors range from 19" all the way to 34" so you can be sure there is a monitor that will fit your needs. All our monitors are refurbished to a level that is brand-new-like and you will be getting it for a fraction of the price!

Another reason to buy from is down to our 12 month warranty. If you are to encounter any issues with your product then we promise to either replace, repair or refund you!

Refurbished Monitors

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Refurbished Monitors FAQs

What Does it Mean When a Monitor is Restored?

The definition of restored is 'restored to like-new condition'. Here at Refreshed By Us we restore all of our monitors to the best quality available to us. You can find out more about the refurbishment process on our website.

How Much Money is a Decent Monitor?

If you are looking to buy a brand new monitor then you are often looking at spending over £300. We realise that this is not always a viable option for everyone, that's why we refurbish our monitors to a 'new-like' condition but low prices are guaranteed.