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Our 23 step refurbishment process

Here at RefreshedByUs, all our hardware goes though a thorough health check and refurb process. Only the best of the best make it through for resale and we think refurbished shouldn't mean used or second best as this isn't the case. These devices are usually business grade to begin with, which will already out perform an 'of the shelf' new machine from your local high street store. Yes, there might be the odd blemish, but performance and reliability will not be compromised. You should get the same, if not better than buying new.

For this very reason, we have a 23 step check list all equipment goes through. This ensures from the first step to the last that unit has been checked by an expert technician and what you recieve you'll be proud to use.

Take a look through the full list below in detail to see what goes into our refreshed hardware!

Initial Grading

Our first step would be to make give an initial grading to each device. We'll assess the physical condition of the device, looking for damaged plastics, broken keys, screen damage, scratches, and other signs of wear.

Installation of RAM

Installation of HDD/SSD

Replace parts (If required)

Check RAM/Drive/CPU

Install & Update Operating System

Install Windows Updates

Install Optional Updates

Check Drivers


Device display (if applicable)


Speakers / Microphone

Input / Output






Digital License

Final Grade Check


Final Inspection and Packaging