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Dell is one of the most well known and established brands in the world their laptops have been the industry standard for decades due to their reliability and build quality. As such, Dell is is one of our most popular brands in our range of refurbished laptops. When buying a refurbished Dell laptop you are getting a robust well designed laptop built to last.

Whether for work, school or personal use our range of Dell refurbished laptops offer great value with significant savings over buying new. The Dell Latitude is one of the more popular ranges covering budget to high end performance with i5 up to i7 intel processors and a range of sizes from 13" up to 15" screen sizes.

With all of our laptops they come with a warranty so you can get a full refund, repair or replacement if you experience technical difficulties! Now you don't get that luxury everywhere nowadays!

Refurbished Dell Laptops

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    Dell Refurbished Laptops FAQs

    Are Dell refurbished laptops worth it?

    Our Dell laptops are certified refurbished products which have been through a stringent 23-step refurbishment process to ensure that all products within our Dell range are reconditioned to a near-new state.

    Are refurbished Dell laptops reliable?

    Our refurbished Dell laptops are extremely reliable thanks to our thorough reconditioning process. The refurbished laptops found in our Dell range are suitable for both personal and professional use alike and come backed with a 12-month warranty.