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The refurbished Iiyama monitor is a great monitor to purchase when working with a slightly stricter budget, we aim to keep our prices low as we want to be able to give everyone the chance of using a great monitor no matter their budget.

Having a monitor that is full HD and wide screened is so important, especially for those that will be using the monitor for work or business purposes as you will be using it a lot of the time and if you have a monitor that is blurry and all the data has to be squeezed on then you won't perform well!

These qualities that limaya monitors have really make them a great option and keep them competitive with even the biggest tech companies like Dell and Lenovo.

All our monitors are tested before we sell them to make sure that they are performing at the level that is expected. On top of this we offer a warranty on all our monitors to give you extra protection against damage or technical issues that may occur. With our warranty we can offer a full refund, a replacement product or we can repair it for you.


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Refurbished liyama Monitors FAQs

Are liyama good monitors?

liyama are great monitors, especially for gaming. If you are looking for a monitor with 4K resolution screens and will run your software & programmes with no trouble at all. Our refurbished monitors can handle all this workload too!

How do I use Iiyama monitor?

If you have bought one of our liyama monitors but you are having some trouble understanding how to use it or get the best out of it, one of our team members will be more than happy to help. Get in touch with a member of our team today.