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We have some great student laptop deals available that will help power your University or College performance. Choose from a range of great refurbished student laptop deals from reputable brands and models that are reliable, robust and student budget friendly.

Refurbished doesn’t mean second hand. In fact, we put all our refurbished computers through a rigorous check to ensure that every component works, that the software is updated and that performance is as good, if not better than new. You get a first rate computer at hugely discounted prices.

What are the best laptops for University students?


If you are a student headed to University in 2023 or 2024, what are the best laptops for you? Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Lenovo all have great high quality laptop options that offer great specifications for student life. Our reconditioned products are ideal if you are looking for a high quality but working with a tight student budget. With so many options available under £300 , choose from our range of popular models.

Finding the best laptops for students 2023


If you are a student and budget is the number one concern for you, then going down the refurbished route will get you the best student laptop deals at a low price. You could save hundreds of pounds with a refurbished laptop or refurbished desktop computer rather than buying an over-spec’d new laptop from the high street. Don’t buy more than you need. Read our top tips below on how to get the best laptop for University students. Also, find out what screen size is best for students? How much storage do I need? Why buy Certified Refurbished?

Best Laptops for University Students

Finding great student laptop deals


Not sure what specifications you need in a laptop as a University student? Read below to find out what the best laptops are for college students, what screen size is best for students and how much storage you might need.

What are the best laptops for university students?

We believe that refurbished laptops are the best option for college students as they are incredibly budget friendly and high performance.

When it comes to buying, what are the best laptops for university students? If you are going to Uni and moving between buildings for lectures or having to commute, then you want something that is robust and reliable. Check out our range of deals on laptops from the Dell and Lenovo range. Customers love their durability and performance. Or if you want something lightweight try Microsoft or Apple.

You can save even more on student laptop deals by opting for a cheaper Grade B range of laptop. Our Grade B range of laptops may have small cosmetic marks, but still have the fast performance and large storage you need.

All our refurbished laptops are business-grade and will have more processing power and storage than you could possibly need. Plus they’ll outperform ‘off the shelf’ new laptops from your local high street store.

What laptop screen size is best for college students?

If you are looking for the best laptops as a college student, does size matter? It depends on what you are going to be using the computer for.

If you need side by side windows for working, then opt for a larger screen. If you are just reading or word processing on a single window, then as a student you could opt for something smaller.

We offer a range of refurbished laptops with a screen size of 10 - 14”. If you want something compact and light and don’t need a keyboard, then try a Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop Tablets with a 10 inch screen. If you need a big screen, then try a 15” laptop from Lenovo, HP or Dell. Even with the increase in size, as a student, you can still get some of the best rated laptops.

We have a great selection of refurbished student laptop deals in lots of screen size options and all at great prices. Browse our full range.

How much storage do I need?

If you’re looking for a great student laptop deal, then don’t be fooled into thinking bigger is better. Having a 1 Tb solid state hard drive is only useful if you need to store data on your computer. Most documents can be processed and stored in the cloud.

With Microsoft 365 and G-Suite from Google, most document tools are available online With these web-based office tools, your student laptop can access processing, presentations, calendars, messaging and note-taking online, meaning you can get a great deals with lower spec laptops. Sacrifice storage space and make great savings instead.

However, if your university course needs you to handle data or process video, then at RefreshedByUs, you can customise your laptop and increase your hard drive storage with a 1 or 2Tb Solid State Drive (SSD).

How much RAM do I need as a student?

New laptops and computers may look tempting as they offer you huge amounts of RAM (Random Access Memory), but is it necessary? RAM is your computer’s short term memory. It needs this to keep your windows open that you’re not using and manage tasks. RAM is great if you want to run the latest computer game or are going to be doing a lot of video editing. The average computer user or average student who needs to take notes and write assignments will only ever need 8GB of RAM. If you are a “super user” and typically have lots of apps or programmes running at the same time then 16GB will also be enough. If you are being offered 32 or 64GB for a student laptop then you are likely paying a premium for speed you will never need!

But if your chosen University course is tech heavy and requires a lot of processing power and speed, then we offer the option of customising your laptop with added RAM. Get the laptop you need at a great price from RefreshedByUs. Looking for the best laptop for a college student? Browse our full range.

Top tips for finding the best student laptop


If you’re on a budget then purchasing a new laptop for University or College could set you back thousands of pounds. By spending time working out what you need your computer to do, you can make an educated purchasing choice, one that isn’t swayed by sales talk, shiny features or the attraction of the latest processors or massive storage and RAM speed you will never use.

Decide what you need your laptop for before you buy.

Choose a laptop based on your requirements.

Check your laptop has a good warranty.

Choose a laptop you can carry to and from lectures.

Get a laptop with good battery life for using out and about.

Get a laptop with good battery life for using out and about.

RefreshedByUs has a great range of back to school, college or university level student laptop deals. If you need more help or advice, just get in touch or browse the full range

Discounts on Student Laptops

No hidden fees. Massive savings.


Looking for the best deals on student laptops? Our refurbished laptops will save you hundreds of pounds over buying new. Plus, we have no hidden fees. All our prices include 20% VAT and there is no additional custom duty for delivery to the UK and Ireland. We also offer buy now, pay with Klarna.

Why Buy Certified Refurbished Laptops


At RefreshedByUs, our highly skilled technicians rigorously checked all computers and laptops in an exhaustive 23 step check. This ensures that the performance and reliability of our tech is as good as new. Our stock comes from the government and businesses so are already high performing. When they reach us we check or replace any components and thoroughly clean the machines. As a certified Microsoft Refurbisher, we also install a fresh operating system and licence. If you order by 10am we’ll ship it to you that day. If you want to be more sustainable with your tech and support the circular economy, then choosing refurbished for your University life is a great choice. Plus you can save hundreds of pounds buying refurbished over new without compromising on performance. Find out more about our 23-step refurbishment process here.

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