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Samsung is known for their high quality monitors across all budgets. They often outperform other manufacturers and offer good viewing angles and superior gaming performance, especially in dark rooms. They typically boast high resolution and clear colours in a range of screen sizes. Check the individual product pages for full details of your chosen model. Our refreshed Samsung monitors are a great opportunity to grab a high quality monitor at a discount price.

All our products are refurbished to the highest standard, they typically look and perform as good as new, just without the high price tag. Our simple grading system will tell you what to expect from your chosen item. Our refurbished Samsung monitors come with a standard 12 month warranty and free shipping. Warranty can be upgraded to 36 months for a small extra fee, and there are no hidden costs. Get a high quality monitor at the best possible price.

Samsung Monitors

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Refurbished Samsung Monitors FAQ’s

Are Samsung monitors good quality?

Samsung monitors are great quality electrical products, and this is the exact same for our refurbished Samsung monitors. Whilst Samsung monitors are great, they are often very expensive. Our range of Samsung monitors can be purchased for the cheapest price on the market.

Is Samsung coming out with a monitor?

While Samsung did announce that they were bringing out a new gaming monitor, it would cost you over £1,000. Our refurbished monitors are great for gaming and can be purchased for a fraction of this price.