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Dell D3000 USB 3.0 Laptop Docking Station - Grade A


Dell D3000 Grade A docking station including ac-adapter and connection cables. 

Hardware interface: x1 DVI-D x1 HDMI, x1 Ethernet Port, x2 USB 3.0, x4 USB 2.0 x1 Speaker Audio out

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DELL D3000 SuperSpeed Docking Station USB 3.0 can connect 2 monitors (1 HDMI and 1 DVI) to your over a single USB port. This is a brilliant piece of equipment. This SuperSpeed USB Docking Station is a sleek, ready-to-use device for connecting your PC notebook to a variety of external displays and devices. With high-speed data transfer and multiple video and USB ports, the docking station is a reliable solution for creating a personalized desktop environment.

The Dell D3000 is compatible with the following laptop models:

Adamo 13 Adamo XPS Alienware M11x Alienware M11x R2 Alienware M11x R3 Alienware M14x Alienware M15x Alienware M17x Alienware M17x R2 Alienware M17x R3 Alienware M17x R4 Alienware M18x

Inspiron 1090 (DUO) Inspiron 1120 Inspiron 1150 Inspiron 11z (1110) Inspiron 1200 Inspiron 13 (1318) Inspiron 1300 Inspiron 13R (N3010) Inspiron 13z (5323) Inspiron 14 (1440) Inspiron 14 (1464) Inspiron 14 (3421) Inspiron 1420 Inspiron 14R (5420) Inspiron 14R (5421) Inspiron 14R (N4010) Inspiron 14R (N4110) Inspiron 14z (1470) Inspiron 14z (5423) Inspiron 14z (N411z) Inspiron 15 (1525) Inspiron 15 (1526) Inspiron 15 (1545) Inspiron 15 (1564) Inspiron 15 (3520) Inspiron 15 (3521) Inspiron 1501 Inspiron 1520 Inspiron 1521 Inspiron 1546 Inspiron 15R (5520) Inspiron 15R (5521) Inspiron 15R (7520) Inspiron 15R (N5010) Inspiron 15R (N5110) Inspiron 15z (1570) Inspiron 15z (5523) Inspiron 17 (1750) Inspiron 17 (1764) Inspiron 17 (3721) Inspiron 1720 Inspiron 1721 Inspiron 17R (5721) Inspiron 17R (7720) Inspiron 17R (N7010) Inspiron 17R (N7110) Inspiron 2200 Inspiron 2650 Inspiron 4100 Inspiron 500m Inspiron 5100 Inspiron 6000 Inspiron 600m Inspiron 630m Inspiron 6400 Inspiron 640m Inspiron 710m Inspiron 8200 Inspiron 8500 Inspiron 8600 Inspiron 9200 Inspiron 9300 Inspiron 9400 Inspiron B120 Inspiron B130 Inspiron E1405 Inspiron E1505 Inspiron E1705 Inspiron M101z Inspiron M4110 Inspiron M5010 Inspiron M5030 Inspiron M5110 Inspiron Mini 10 (1010) Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Inspiron Mini 10v (1011) Inspiron Mini 12 (1210) Inspiron mini 9 (910) Inspiron N4020 Inspiron N4030 Inspiron N5030 Inspiron N5040 Inspiron N5050 Inspiron XPS Gen 2

Latitude 10 (ST2) Latitude 10 (ST2e) Latitude 110L Latitude 120L Latitude 13 Latitude 131L Latitude 2100 Latitude 2110 Latitude 2120 Latitude D410 Latitude D420 Latitude D430 Latitude D500 Latitude D505 Latitude D510 Latitude D520 Latitude D530 Latitude D531 Latitude D600 Latitude D610 Latitude D620 Latitude D630 Latitude D630 XFR Latitude D631 Latitude D800 Latitude D810 (Integrated Graphics) Latitude D810 (Radeon x600 Graphics) Latitude D820 Latitude D830 Latitude E4200 Latitude E4300 Latitude E4310 Latitude E5400 Latitude E5410 Latitude E5420 Latitude E5430 Latitude E5500 Latitude E5510 Latitude E5520 Latitude E5530 Latitude E6220 Latitude E6230 Latitude E6320 Latitude E6330 Latitude E6400 Latitude E6400 ATG Latitude E6400 XFR Latitude E6410 Latitude E6410 ATG Latitude E6420 Latitude E6420 ATG Latitude E6420 XFR Latitude E6430 Latitude E6430 ATG Latitude E6430s Latitude E6500 Latitude E6510 Latitude E6520 Latitude E6530 Latitude L13 Latitude ST Latitude X1 Latitude XT Latitude XT2 Latitude XT2 XFR Latitude XT3 Latitude Z

Precision M20 Precision M2300 Precision M2400 Precision M4300 Precision M4400 Precision M4500 Precision M4600 Precision M4700 Precision M50 Precision M60 Precision M6300 Precision M6400 Precision M65 Precision M6500 Precision M6600 Precision M6700 Precision M70 Precision M90

Studio 1457 Studio 1458 Studio 14z (1440) Studio 15 (1535) Studio 15 (1537) Studio 1536 Studio 1555 Studio 1557 Studio 1558 Studio 1569 Studio 1735 Studio 1737 Studio 1745 Studio 1747 Studio 1749 Studio XPS 13 (M1340) Studio XPS 16 (1640) Studio XPS 16 (1645) Studio XPS 16 (1647)

Vostro 1000 Vostro 1014 Vostro 1015 Vostro 1088 Vostro 1220 Vostro 1310 Vostro 1320 Vostro 1400 Vostro 1440 Vostro 1500 Vostro 1510 Vostro 1520 Vostro 1540 Vostro 1700 Vostro 1710 Vostro 1720 Vostro 2420 Vostro 2510 Vostro 2520 Vostro 3300 Vostro 3350 Vostro 3360 Vostro 3400 Vostro 3450 Vostro 3460 Vostro 3500 Vostro 3550 Vostro 3555 Vostro 3560 Vostro 3700 Vostro 3750 Vostro A840 Vostro A860 Vostro A90 Vostro V13 Vostro V130 Vostro V131

XPS 10 XPS 12 XPS 13 XPS 14 (L401X) XPS 14 (L412z) XPS 14 (L421X) XPS 15 (L501X) XPS 15 (L502x) XPS 15 (L521X) XPS 15z XPS 17 (L701X) XPS 17 (L702X) XPS M1210 XPS M1330 XPS M1330 (PRODUCT) RED XPS M140 XPS M1530 XPS M170 XPS M1710 XPS M1730 XPS M2010

More Information
Brand Dell

Grade A – Excellent

Grade B – Very Good

New Condition

Excellent cosmetic condition and in full working order. Each machine goes though a full certified refurbished process


Excellent cosmetic condition may mean some slight keyboard wear, potential small scratches and scuffs, or very slight cosmetic wear on areas of common use. 

Very good cosmetic condition and in full working order. Each machine goes though a full certified refurbished process


Very good cosmetic condition may mean some minor scratches/scuffs to the casing, minor screen blemishes, possible slight wear on keyboard or palm rest.

Occasionally we will have brand new equipment available from overstock. All new items will be advertised as such.


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  • We're notified as soon as you discover any defect, and the device is within warranty period.
  • The product must be returned with proof of purchase.
  • If unable to repair, we'll issue a replacement device of equivalent quality
  • If in the same condition it was purchased, a refund can be obtained for any item that is found to be faulty, as described by the Sale of Goods Act. 
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