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We offer great savings on refurbished laptops all year round, but we offer even bigger savings with our Black Friday refurbished laptop deals. Get as good as or even better than new deals on top computer brands like Dell, HP and Microsoft

Refurbished doesn’t mean second hand. In fact, we put all our refurbished computers through a rigorous check to ensure that every component functions, that the software is updated and that performance is exceptional.

What are the best Black Friday laptop deals of 2023? 


We always offer great deals throughout the year, but for Black Friday we offer up some of our best selling products.

Our Black Friday refurbished laptop deals include HP Elitebooks, Microsoft Surface, Dell Latitudes and the reliable and robust Lenovo ThinkPad.

All our Black Friday deals come with Intel Core i5 processors or above and fresh installs of Windows 10 Home.

How to get a deal on a Black Friday Laptop?


Our advice is to do your research before the Black Friday sales. Work out what capabilities you need in your laptop first so you know what to look for when you start shopping. That way you won’t be swayed by features you don’t actually need. Have an idea of what you want and that way you won’t impulse buy and be disappointed later. If you need a laptop and are all about performance, then you can get incredible deals this Black Friday with refurbished laptops. You could save hundreds of pounds with our Black Friday Refurbished Laptop deals.

Just Added!


Take a look at our great Black Friday deals on refurbished laptops, monitors and monitors

All our laptop offers feature Intel Core i5 processors or above and Windows 10 installed. Want to increase your speed, have a larger hard drive or upgrade to Windows 10 Pro? All our Black Friday refurbished laptops can be customised before you check out.

What sort of laptop discounts do you offer on Black Friday?

Every Black Friday we discount some of our best-selling Grade A and Grade B range of laptops for you. These include popular and trusted brands like Dell, HP, Microsoft and Lenovo. Our range includes user friendly Dell Latitudes, the robust and reliable Lenovo ThinkPad and HP EliteBooks. All our Black Friday products are business-grade and durable, and even refurbished ones will outperform ‘off the shelf’ new laptops from your local high street store.

Is technology cheaper on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

It totally depends on the retailer. At RefreshedByUs, we offer deals all year round, but also offer specific Black Friday deals on our Refurbished Laptops on the fourth Friday in November too. You’ll find the same great refurbished laptop deals available for Cyber Monday on our website too!

Are there hidden charges with Refurbished Laptops?

Be careful of hidden charges when buying a refurbished laptop on Black Friday. We are one of the best places to buy refurbished laptops as we offer free shipping to the UK and Ireland. Our Black Friday laptop deals have no hidden charges. All our prices include 20% VAT and there is no additional custom duty for delivery to the UK and Ireland. We also offer buy now, pay with Klarna. Learn more.

Can refurbished laptops compete with new?

With our refurbished, business-grade laptops you can expect Intel i5 or above, 4-8 Gb RAM, 128 GB Solid State Drive and Windows 10 Home installed. With all our Black Friday Refurbished laptop deals you still get the option to customise your choice. Go for Windows 10 Pro, increase your speed with added RAM, or increase your hard drive storage and speed with 1 or 2Tb Solid State Drive (SSD). We also offer an upgraded 36 month return to base (RTB) warranty. With other high street Black Friday Laptop Deals, you only get out-the-box deals with no option to customise. At RefreshedByUs, you have lots of options to design the laptop you need. Browse our range.

Take a look below, to find out why shopping for refreshed hardware this Black Friday is a solid investment.

Why Choose RefreshedByUs


Choose RBU for your refurbished laptop purchases this Black Friday.


Free Shipping

Shop with Confidence

Genuine Microsoft Licenses

12 Month Warranty

Upgrade to 36 Month Warranty

No Hidden Charges

Quality Refurbishment

We are a premium reseller of corporate, A Grade refurbished laptops, desktop PCs and monitors. We source only business-grade PCs from around the UK & Ireland. These computers are incredibly powerful, and when they come to us we ensure they undergo rigorous checks and fresh software installs to get them ready for you.

   - We only sell Grade A and B refurbished devices.
   - All our refurbished desktops and laptops have their hard drive’s wiped to government-level standards.
    - We use a 23 point checklist to ensure your computer is up to standard and as good, if not better than new.

Exceptional Service

We have a consistently excellent rating on Trustpilot for our service and have become the ‘go-to’ company for technology for so many customers and businesses.

We have extremely high customer service and delivery standards. If we receive your order by 10am we will dispatch the same day. We also offer options to upgrade the hardware or software on your refurbished device too. Our team are on hand to help you if you have any queries.

Our Warranty Promise

We know you’ll be happy with a RBU purchase which is why we stand by all our products with our warranty. Refurbished doesn’t mean second hand, but to give you confidence in your purchase we offer great warranties at standard. Rest assured, you’re 100% safe when buying refurbished devices from RefreshedByUs.

   - 12-month return to base warranty
   - 14 day returns policy
   - Upgrade to a longer 36 month warranty

Sustainable Processes

RBU is committed to supporting sustainability and promoting a circular economy when it comes to tech. We believe that all IT equipment should be refurbished or recycled. We are also committed to working to reduce our environmental impact in our office and in our refurbishment process.

   - 99% of parts are reused
   - RBU are working on making all packaging 100% recyclable
   - Working to offset our transport emissions

When is Black Friday 2023?


Black Friday always occurs on the fourth Friday of November, after the US Thanksgiving holiday on the Thursday. This year Black Friday is Friday, 24 November 2023 and Cyber Monday on 27 November. This Black Friday, Refreshed ByUs are offering incredible deals on refurbished laptops, desktops and monitors.

History of Black Friday


Black Friday started in the USA in Philadelphia, where a big Army vs Navy football game on the Saturday after the Thanksgiving holiday that would bring hoards of people into the city. The Philadelphia police found it hard to deal with the increased crowds and traffic with many taking advantage of the chaos to shoplift!

In the 1960s Philadelphia merchants attempted to rebrand the day “Big Friday” to make the day more positive and encourage shoppers in after their holiday. In the UK, however, the term “Black Friday” was used by the NHS and Police to describe what happened when everyone went out on the Christmas party.

Amazon adopted Black Friday in the UK in 2010, with Asda joining three years later. 2014 was when all the big retailers joined in. Over the years, Black Friday has grown with Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday extending the sales and chance to find bargains before Christmas. Some retailers even offer month-long sales calling it Black November.

Check out our 2023 Black Friday deals on refurbished laptops, desktops and monitors.

Why Choose Refurbished IT Equipment


Our team ensures that all hardware is rigorously checked so the performance and reliability are as good as if not better than buying new. We procure business-grade equipment, which is already high performance before we undertake a 23-step check of absolutely everything.

We look at the physical condition of the unit as well as part inspection, keyboard functionality and battery performance. We clean it thoroughly inside and out. Plus you get a legal installation of the new Windows 10 Home operating system.

Once we’ve finished, if it gets our approval, it gets a “Certified Refurbished” status and a Microsoft Refurbisher licence. It’s now ready for delivery to you. Find out more about our 23-step refurbishment process.

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