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Our refurbished LG laptops offer a great price point for slim and beautiful laptops for users who value portability and impressive displays. Get a device that performs like new at a budget-friendly price.

LG's range includes super-light laptops with impressive battery life and maximised screen space which is ideal for watching videos or creating more visual work. They also pack an impressive amount of tech into the super-thin yet sturdy chassis, so you won't be short of power. Check the individual specifications to find one that meets your requirements.

Our refurbished LG laptops have each been reconditioned to very high standards. Grade A items have no noticeable damage and Grade B items are available for greater savings. Grade B may have small blemishes but all of our laptops function as new. Our comprehensive, industry-leading reconditioning process ensures it. All of our devices undergo a 23-step process to become fully Certified Refurbished.

LG's best features include reduced weight, optimised screen real estate with unique aspect ratios in some cases, good quality displays and attention to detail in the keyboards that offer an enjoyable typing experience, more than most! Despite being thin and light, they offer a lot of processing power for general use and are ideally suited to business users, students and people on the go. The battery life typically holds up well for such small and lightweight devices, so you can stay connected for long periods of time without the need to recharge. These are great looking laptops that perform well all round.

Refurbished LG laptops come at a significantly lower price point in comparison with buying new, backed up with our 12 month warranty and with free UK delivery included. A 36 month extended warranty is available as an optional extra. Buying refurbished helps reduce tech wastage and offers a more sustainable option.

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