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When it comes to choosing new electronics it is so hard as there are so many out there and they all seem to offer similar things but have drastically different prices! So this is where we want to help out and make sure people are getting the right bundle for them and whatever their needs are. We have put some bundle offers together to save you from confusion.

In the bundles that we offer we have refurbished desktop computers, refurbished laptops, dual screen monitors and so much more to offer! All of these have been refurbished to a level that feels brand new but you are getting it for a discounted price!

Within these bundles there is going to be something for you! Whether you are looking for something to make you work life easier and to increase production, or rather you are looking for something that makes gaming and socialising with your friends easier and better!

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  • Dell Optiplex 3050 SFF Desktop PC & Monitor Bundle

    From £299.99 Regular Price £520.00

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    Why are computer bundles popular?

    Computer bundles have become so popular because people have realised they can do everything with them! Choose a dual monitor and desktop PC, or why not try a laptop and single monitor combination? These bundles are perfect for work, gaming, and streaming the latest must-see films.

    Are computer bundles worth it?

    Proving to be not only great value but a fantastic productivity booster too, our computer bundles are well worth trying for yourself. And best of all, opting for our refurbished machines means you are making the sustainable choice and helping reduce demand on our planet's resources.